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It's the best way to have the " local" experience and very flexible customer-designed tour led by your guide. The shop assistants are very helpful with directions and recommendations....

Some good reasons

Traveling by bike offers a healthy, environmentally friendly, convenient, economical, safe and fun means of travel, transportation and recreation.

+ Our Bike Fleet

We store and maintain our own bikes,BikeBeijing purchase new bikes every year,the Bikes we use are the best in China for bike tours industry.We are dedicated to provide you the best experience of using bike in China.We have a fleet of all types of bikes,everyone of your family can get his and her own proper bike,helmet,and equipments.

+Our Guide

BikeBeijing Guides are not just regular tourist guides,our guides are required to know more than a regular guide,beside the main sites,they know pretty much everything in Beijing,from the icon sites to the tiny unknown places,they are experts of local ,you can learn more and have more fun from our bike tours,they are specially trained for biking trips,to maxmumize the safty for each bike tour.


From 2005,BikeBeijing consentrated on biking service in Beijing,we are not just a guide plus a bike,we have built everything needed for the industry.

Bike Shop and Service

BikeBeijing shop is located for enjoyable and convenient bike ride in Beijing,a replaxing meeting point, the most convenient start point for all bike tours.Cold water are served at our shop,tools,bike rental service,the largest variety of bikes and equipments in town.

Bike Culture

The bicycle rivaled the chopstick in popularity during the 20th century. Numerous bicycles are see not only in the big cities but also in the back water rural areas, making China truly the Bicycle Kingdom. The bicycle plays a very important role in Chinese culture. Bicycles are seen as matchmakers, friends, job opportunities and works of art.

Capital of Bicycle

Twenty years ago, four out of five residents in the Chinese capital pedalled to work through one of the world's best systems of bicycle lanes.It’s no secret that biking is the best way to get to know a place. You see the sights at the right pace, travel like a local, and you can easily stop to explore. Plus, because you’re burning calories as you ride, you can eat your way around town.

Coffee Refreshments

Get refreshed before and after the tour at our shop.Biking Cafe provide fresh Ground Coffee and great food.

Bik(eBeij)ingBIKing Cafe

Bicultural & Bilingual, Bicycle & Coffee,Together We Are One,platform of culture exchange between chinese and western

Guided Bike Tours

Ride with our dedicated,knownadgable,English speaking,professional, friendly guide,you will find out why BikeBeijing is the perfect choice for your family, group or solo biking adventure! Our tours are designed to make your Beijing experience truly memorable.

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  • Location
  • Experdise
  • Coffee

Self guided adventure and Bike Rentals

We offer fun and memorable self-guided adventures to everyone from the absolute beginner, to the very advanced rider.Our customer service and equipment are the best choice in Beijing.

  • Directions
  • Parking
  • Bike Shop & Cafe
  • Wiffi
  • Various Bikes

"Best way to see Beijing"

Bike Beijing offers accommodating service of guaranteeing you having a good time along the center of the city,the tour takes you to the hidden places that strech out in different directions while showing you what the Old and New Beijing looks like in just a few hours' ride....

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What customers says

“Don't miss a tour of Beijing by bike!” “Very informative and fun tour”"Wonderful Experience

“The best way to explore the city”

Our first day in Beijing hit the nail right on the head. Perfect full day guided tour by Hero of Bike Beijing. Local guide, raised in the area, speaking good English and with his background he was able to indulge us in the beautiful spots of Beijing. Beautiful sites, lovely local lunch.. A must-do if you visit Beijing!

"Great Day!"

"Thanks again for the beautiful Great Wall ride we had, it was a great day and a great tour.I will recommend you to some friends which are planning to go to Beijing and I hope to be back in a couple of months myself!!" Jupe- Holland

"Great tour,Super good!"

"Great tour,Super good,I was able to my things I had not tried before.Challenging cycling but a great achievement.It was a fantastic opportunity to get out of the city and see rural China and the impressive sights-the Qing tombs,Great Canyon, The Great Wall and the Imperial Summer Palace.Thanks to BicycleKingdom & the guides." Hannah Marshall -London UK

“Outstanding service of the Bike Beijing team”

"I highly recommend to all Beijing visitors to go to BikeBeijing for renting a bicycle. There are of course many ways to discover this vibrant city, and to go by bike is surely one of the best. The service of BikeBeijing is very good, very friendly staff, quick and easy paperwork, no documents needed if you leave a safety deposit, credit cards accepted, very well english speaking, my bike was in a good condition, affordable prices. A lock for the bike is given free of charge. Thanks again to BikeBeijing, hope to come back again soon!"

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A bike tour is the a good orientation to Beijing,which helps you understand Beijing quickly in a short time,and plan your rest time in Beijing efficiently.

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BikeBeijing and Biking Cafe,together we are one,Bicultural & Bilingual

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