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Bike Beijing Guest Reviews


Bike Beijing offers so many amazing tours. The guides are friendly and knowledgeable about the local landmarks. At all times they kept your safety in mind , and yet still made it so much fun. The only way to see Beijing and outer areas is by bike. And I thoroughly recommend Bike Beijing! Their bikes are new, comfy and safe.

P.S. George is a terrific guide – lots of fun!

Rachel Beron
360Hichory Grove
thousand Oaks, CA 91320

"What a terrific way to see spectacular natural settings,while getting a great workout.BicycleKingdom Guides sensed just the proper pace for our group.It was really fun,and look forward to doing it again."Hai Findlay -Greenwich,Connecticut USA

'Thank you again for the nice tour. I already told several friends about you.Robert Bertini- Oragon, US'

Thanks again for the beautiful Great Wall ride we had, it was a great day and a great tour.I will recommend you to some friends which are planning to go to Beijing and I hope to be back in a couple of months myself!! Jupe-Holland

Wonderful time - I wanted to say thank you for your professional working. Somebody came immidiately to the hotel to pick up the bike.I had a short, but wonderful time with your bike. Every day i drove to the Birds Nest and back. During day and
night time. I felt safe,Wide biking lines everywhere and good order on the road. Thanks again, i will come back to Beijing,and of course i will rent one of your bikes....;

'The Best Way to See Beijing, during the Olympics i participated at a tour with an American family organized from BICYCLE KINGDOM, We had a fantastic experience,it is in deed the best way to see Beijing on a bike.

Great tour,Super good,I was able to my things I had not tried before.Challenging cycling but a great achievement.It was a fantastic opportunity to get out of the city and see rural China and the impressive sights-the Qing tombs,Great Canyon,The Great Wall and the Imperial Summer Palace.Thanks to BicycleKingdom & the guides." Hannah Marshall -London UK

Dear George,
"this bike tour was a great introduction to Beijing. it was so much better than being in a car or trains to see so
much on foot. you are a wonderful guide! you gave us a lot fo information about the world of both the emperors
and the life of ordinary people . keep on biking Beijing!"
said Jim Wallace Washionton 19/7/09


we had an excellent tour of the Forbidden city and the surrounding area. George was able to provide great details
about the places we saw and happily answered all of our questions. being able to see the buck sweets without all the
tourists was a great chage from the usual tours we've been on, and really gave us a new perspection on life in Beijing.
said by Jimie Wallace 19/07/09


thank you
we had a perfect tour- much better than walking, not trapped inside a slow moving cars with little view or feel of the street - are
zipped past sights we are never found by our own.
thanks for your guidance and patience.
said by Barbrua 19/7/09


A bike trip in the fragrant hill is a great escape from beijing's urban madmess
there are hardly and building in sight-exort maybe for some lang gorgoltcn temples
a perfect terrain to play with those nicee giant moutain bikes supplied by BikeBeijing.
I would not recommend this biking for beginners,but staff is there to help and gear is top class.I had lots of fun doing this ,I hope you will too.

Vincent Trouche & Cocil Trouche - France

"Great weather and beautiful scenics made the trip an amazing experience.The first part of the trip was a bit steep,so if not in good shape then walking is a better choise. the last part on the top of the mountain and back is just perfect and a thrilling ride.The view of Beijing by the rock of the smiling ghost is worth this tour alone." Tom -Norway

"One of the best experiences one can have in China. A must if you're with kids!

I could not have imagined a better organized and more fun tour than the one George put together for us. We started our ride about 45 kms from the Mitanyu section of the Great Wall. After a great lunch, the route became a bit more challenging, but George managed to motivate both myself and my 13 year-old son. The last 4 kms were a killer, but we made it, and it was an amazing feeling. Going back down made all the hard work up hill worth it. George is great with kids, super knowledgeable and completely trustworthy. I really felt that we were in excellent hands.

Great Way to Explore the Hutong

Bike Beijing (Bicycle Kingdom Tours) is located just a block or so from Wangfujing, next to the park. They offer Bicycle Tours and mountain biking too. We signed up for a half-day bicycle tour of the Hutong area of Beijing.

We arrived a bit late, as our taxi had a hard time finding us, and our guide, Johnny, and the owner, George, were there to greet us. They asked us if we wanted helmets, but we hadn't seen a single person in Beijing wearing one, so we figured what the heck and decided to go without. We had a minute to check out the bikes to see if they were adjusted ok, which we did, and then we were off.

The tour start was a bit awkward, because there was no introduction, safety briefing, or oratory about what to expect, what we'll see, or anything - Johnny just set off without a word and we followed him. He cruised across streets, down bike lanes, across more streets, and sidewalks as we hustled to keep up. He didn't even look back, instead listening to his iPod and cruising away. We were a bit flustered at first as cars were honking, cars were flying everywhere, and mopeds were zooming around, and it felt like Johnny wasn't remembering we were on the tour. However, after we cruised around the first hutong for a bit, Johnny finally stopped and gave us a briefing of the hutong, and told us some interesting things about it. We got a chance to talk to him a bit, and got more comfortable after that.

The hutong had many narrow alleys that we rode around, passing in places you'd never see with a rickshaw, and in fact we didn't see a rickshaw or another tourist in the entire first half of the tour. Just local people going on about their daily lives, and together with the explanation that Johnny gave us, we really felt we could imagine life in the Hutong.

We reached the Bell Tower and Drum Tower for a couple photos and Johnny told us about their history, and here we first saw rickshaws, lined all up and down the street in front of a tour office. We biked on, down a beautiful street past the Lama Temple and the Confucius Temple, seeing a few monks along the way, then on to a street vegetable market. It was strange riding our bikes through the aisles filled with veggies and food vendors, but other people were doing it, so I guess it was okay - again, no tourists in sight. The tour continued to the beautiful Back Lakes area, where we biked along a wooded path by the lake, past the cozy restaurants and boats, then into another Hutong that was the one you always see in the movies - pretty touristy area.

We rode on, down the art street, paved and lined with cafes and art shops, and through another Hutong, before emerging and biking back to the shop. There was not really very much riding on busy streets on this tour, just at the very beginning a bit and the end. Mostly in hutong streets, where cars struggle to make their way through all the bicycles and people walking, and on residential streets.

We thought this was a great way to see this area of Beijing, and we were very glad we went. We suggested to George about the safety briefing and also an idea to include a break at the Back Lakes, maybe a Chinese snack and a drink at one of the waterfront restaurants to break it up and let you soak in the atmosphere a bit. He was receptive to both ideas, so perhaps those will be incorporated into the tour in the future. We had a great time on the tour, and were quite happy we didn't choose the rickshaw tour. We would do another ride with them next time we are in Beijing.

Fun Morning

Great trip, gets you into all the local hutongs you would never see.

Excellent way to see Beijing

We joined the tour in early July, right in the middle of the extreme hot summer. The owner George was kind enough to give us a private customized tour (including part of Imperial Palace and the Hutong tour) at the regular price, since we were the only two bike tourists willing to brave the heat that day ! The ride was extremely enjoyable, and George helped us take pictures throughout the tour, we had like a hundred shots taken. Don't think you can get that kind of personal service anywhere else ! George also told us interesting stories about the sites visited during the stops. And the ride was not difficult at all, even in the heat, and George also loaded us with plenty of bottle water before the tour started.